Anyone in business who wants to demonstrate their expertise will benefit from writing their own ‘business book’. It helps you to:

  • Increase your visibility

  • Establish your credibility

  • Set you apart from your competitors

  • Attract new leads for your products and services

  • Bring in clients at higher rates

  • Open opportunities for other types of business

It’s also a great form of passive income. And who doesn’t want that?!

But just writing a book and putting it on Amazon won’t do much for you if no one sees it.   

If you want the heart, sweat, and soul you poured into your book to pay off….   

You need to put that same effort into marketing your book.   

So, what can you do to get the sales and impact your book deserves?   

Implement a step-by-step process for maximizing the income and impact from your book. 

Introducing...Market Your Business Book!

This powerful program covers the proven process for launching, marketing, and leveraging your book, ….even if you haven’t made any sales yet.

In Market Your Business Book you’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure you have multiple formats of your book – to appeal to a wide range of readers (and listeners)

  • Set up all the elements you need for a successful launch and beyond

  • Follow a proven launch process and timeline – to maximize visibility and sales

  • Continue to market your book post-launch,… so you can earn passive income ongoing

  • Leverage your book to attract more leads and create other sources of income

Here's what we'll cover in this program:

  • Introduction

    We'll start out with an overview of the course and what you will learn, so that you're excited and ready to jump in and get going!

  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Book?

    You have taken time to write and publish a book, but it may not be bringing in the results you wanted. In this first module, I'll guide you to take stock and check in on what’s happening with your book.

  • Your Publishing Options

    When you first published your book, you probably looked at the options available and chose what seemed best at the time. In Module 2, we’ll explore the current, main publishing options available and the basics for how to publish a print, a digital, and an audio version of your book.

  • Set Up for Sales Success

    If you want to succeed with sales of your book, you need to know what goal you're striving for, how you'll get there, and who will support and help you along the way. In Module 3, I’ll guide you through everything that needs to happen in the pre-launch phase, and give you a proven book launch timeline.

  • The Launch

    With everything in place for a successful launch, in Module 4, I'll take you through the tasks for launch day itself and the entire launch period, so that you excite interest in your book and generate sales.

  • Post Launch

    You don’t just sit back and relax after your book launch is over. There’s still plenty to do. In Module 5, I’ll show you how to plan activities to keep sales momentum going post-launch, so that you can continue to make book sales.

  • Leverage

    You will have had some sales success during your book launch, but there are plenty more opportunities to increase your income by leveraging your book. In Module 6, we’ll explore products and services you can offer based on your book’s content, and find ways to use your book’s success to attract new leads and expand their visibility.

  • Review and Refine

    In this final module, I’ll share some tips to keep you getting results from your published book. You’ll also have the opportunity to review the course program and plan future action steps, so you can achieve the goals you set when you began this program.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

  • 2


    • Introduction

  • 3

    Getting the Most Out of Your Book

    • Your Marketing Assets

    • Review Your Sales Performance

  • 4

    Your Publishing Options

    • Publishing and Pring Versions

    • Digital Books

    • Audio Books

  • 5

    Set Up for Sales Success

    • Set Launch Goals

    • Develop Launch Material

    • Build Your Launch Team

    • Plan Events

    • Your Launch Timeline

  • 6

    The Launch

    • The Launch

  • 7

    Post Launch

    • Post Launch

  • 8


    • Build Products and Services around Your Book

    • Use Your Book to Develop Your Visibility

  • 9

    Review and Refine

    • Review and Refine

  • 10


    • Monthly Q&As

  • 11

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • Test Zoom

Bonus Materials

Along with step-by-step video lessons, access to the exclusive support community, and a Quick-Reference Cheat Sheet - you'll also get the following...

  • Impementation Workbook

    This is a complete set of worksheets which helps you to take action on what you learn. You can download it and print it out, or download the fillable version and complete it on your computer!

  • Marketing Assets Checklist

    You'll use this checklist to see where you have gaps in your book marketing.

  • Book Launch Timeline

    Use this tool to plan out your pre-launch activities and stay on track (just plug in the launch date and each task deadline is generated for you!)

Course Opens Feb 28th

FINALLY! Learn How to Increase Sales and Put Your Book to Work for Your Business!


Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant

Ophelia Marie

For more than 10 years, Ophelia Marie has helped several individuals start and grow their businesses as well as acquire referrals through networking. She was influenced throughout her younger years by her grandmother Ms. Effie Hart, a well-known personal coach and substance abuse counselor. Ophelia is always eagerly sharing ideas, resources, referrals and connecting with others to see how she can add value. She is driven to encourage others towards success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.